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Senior Nutrition - Silver Serving™ Brand

Feeding those in need. It is a task we do not take lightly. Our elders have worked hard their entire lives, and should not be faced with food insecurity. Through a partnership with Synergy Food Group we have developed a lineup of over 70 frozen meals tailored specifically to the needs of Senior Citizens. Low in Sodium, high in Protein, and intelligently packaged in 5, 7, or 10 meal kits. Diabetic, Renal, Heart Failure, Gluten-Free, Pork Free- we have developed a wide lineup of dietary menus to meet any specialty. And we can pack them with your organization's brand, or in our Silver Serving™ brand.

Let us show you the pinnacle in frozen Senior Meals. 

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5, 7, and 10 Meal Packs Available for Home-Delivered Meal Programs

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Children's and School Nutrition

EDUKitchens™ Brand

Keeping kids fed and geared up for growth is our specialty. Whether it is a frozen meal kit for take-home, a protein solution for cafeteria dining, or our PantryPax(tm) shelf-stable meal solution kits for summer feeding. We can provide the fuel necessary for growth and education. 

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Foodservice Solutions

Synergy Food Group™

We supply many of your favorite restaurants with a multitude of items. From Slow Cooked Pulled Pork, to our delicious slow simmered Collard Greens. 

Some of the items we produce are:

  • Marinated and slow cooked Chicken, Turkey, Beef, and Pork

  • Portion controlled par-fried seafood

  • Bulk side dishes, Vegetables & Potatoes

  • Award-winning fruit cobblers

  • Artisan Quiches

  • IDDBA Blue Ribbon award winning Pot Pies

  • Filled pastas made to your specifications

  • Much more!


Retail Items

Let us help to develop, manufacture, and execute your project. We have worked with major retailers and club stores to bring exciting products to the frozen and refrigerated cases. 

Consumer demands and expectations are ever-changing and we pride ourselves in staying on-trend and flavor focused. 

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